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KU Center for Research on Learning

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Alley, G.R., Deshler, D.D., & Mellard, D.
Identification decisions: Who is the most consistent? (1980)

Alley, G.R., Deshler, D.D., & Warner, M.M.
Identification of learning disabled adolescents: A Bayesian approach (1980)

Alley, G.R., Deshler, D.D., Clark, F.L., Schumaker, J.B., & Warner, M.M.
Learning disabilities in adolescent and adult populations: Research implications (Part II) (1983)

Alley, G.R., Deshler, D.D., Mellard, D.F., & Warner, M.M.
Reliability and validity of the Bayesian identification procedure for learning disabled adolescents (1980)

Alley, G.R., Deshler, D.D., Mellard, D.F., & Warner, M.M.
A multi-trait, multi-method analysis of the Bayesian screening instrument and test battery for LD adolescents (1980)

Alley, G.R., Deshler, D.D., Warner, M.M., & Schumaker, J.B.
An epidemiological study of learning disabled adolescents in secondary schools: Health and medical factors (1980)

Alley, G.R., Warner, M.M., Schumkaker, J.B., Deshler, D.D., & Clark, F.L.
An epidemiological study of learning disabled and low achieving adolescents in secondary schools: Behavioral and emotional status from the perspective of parents and teachers (1980)

Beglau, M., Craig Hare, J., Foltos, L., Gann, K., James, J., Jobe, H., Knight, J., & Smith, B.
Technology, coaching, and community: Power partners for improved professional development in primary and secondary education (2011)

Biancarosa, G., Palincsar, A.S., Deshler, D.D., & Nair, M.
Adolescent literacy: Myths and realities. (2007)

Boudah, D.J., & Lenz, B.K.
And now the rest of the story: The research process as intervention in experimental and qualitative studies (2000)

Boudah, D.J., Deshler, D.D., Schumaker, J.B., Lenz, B.K., & Cook, B.
Student-centered or content-centered? A case study of a middle school teacher's lesson planning and instruction in inclusive classes (1997)

Boudah, D.J., Lenz, B.K., Bulgren, J.A., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D.
Don't water down? Content learning through the unit organizer routine (2000)

Boudah, D.J., Lenz, B.K., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D.
Teaching in the face of academic diversity: Unit planning and instruction by secondary teachers to enhance learning in inclusive classes (2008)

Boudah, D.J., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D.
Collaborative instruction: Is it an effective option for inclusion in secondary classrooms? (1997)

Brasseur, I., Gildroy, P., Schumaker, J., Deshler, D., Begun, W., & Passman, B.
Profiling the quality of educational programs for adolescents with disabilities (2004)

Brasseur-Hock, I.F., Hock, M.F., Kieffer, M.J., Biancarosa, G., & Deshler, D.D.
Adolescent struggling readers in urban schools: Results of a latent class analysis (2011)

Brownell, M.T., Mellard, D.F., & Deshler, D.D.
Differences in the learning and transfer performance between students with learning disabilities and other low-achieving students on problem-solving tasks (1993)

Bui, Y.N., Schumaker, J.B., & Deshler, D.D.
The effects of a strategic writing program for students with and without learning disabilities in inclusive fifth-grade classes (2006)

Bulgren, J.
Effective content-area instruction for all students (2004)

Bulgren, J., & Scanlon, D.
Instructional routines and learning strategies that promote understanding of content area concepts (1997)

Bulgren, J., Deshler, D.D., & Lenz, B.K.
Engaging adolescents with LD in higher order thinking about history concepts using integrated content enhancement routines (2007)

Bulgren, J.A.
Integrated content enhancement routines: Responding to the needs of adolescents with disabilities in rigorous inclusive secondary content classes (2006)

Bulgren, J.A., & Carta, J.J.
Examining the instructional contexts of students with learning disabilities (1992)

Bulgren, J.A., & Kline, F.M.
An instructional model for use by counselors: Promoting independence in post-secondary students with learning disabilities (1991)

Bulgren, J.A., & Knackendoffel, A.
Ecological assessment: An overview (1985)

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