KU Center for Research on Learning

KU Center for Research on Learning

KU-CRL Project Profiles

A pile of books that are the same ones used in the Fusion Reading curriculum.

Striving Readers
August, 2010

Fusion Reading™ is the centerpiece of our new adolescent literacy project in Michigan.

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Kids sitting at a library table looking at laptop computer screens with a teacher looking on over their shoulders.

Technology Rich Classrooms
April, 2010

This program enables school districts to purchase technology for their classrooms and learn how to use it effectively with the assistance of a job-embedded coach or facilitator.

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Teachers standing around a desk placing sticky Post-it notes on a piece of foam core board.

Teacher Quality
February, 2010

The Teacher Quality project studies the effectiveness of on-site professional development in the form of instructional coaching as a means of overcoming this challenge.

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Photo of students, sitting in the grass and looking at the camera, smiling.

Soaring to New Heights
December, 2009

The transition from high school to post-secondary education or to employment is a challenging step for all students. It is particularly challenging for students with disabilities. Soaring to New Heights is designed to address the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities in this situation.

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