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STAAR Content Boot Camp - Concept Mastery Routine- Austin, TX

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About the Course:

The STAAR Content Boot Camp is a three-part course designed to improve your students’ STAAR performance. They’re individual workshops taking place throughout October, November, and January that tackle abstract concepts, vocabulary, questioning, organization, and information review.

About This Workshop:

Do your students need help understanding and remembering critical concepts in your course and unit? SIMR Concept Mastery Routine provides students with a tool for thinking deeply about a key concept in ways which increase comprehension and memory by asking them for examples and nonexamples as well as essential characteristics of the concept.  SIMR Concept Comparison Routine gives students a cognitive process for comparing and categorizing two or more concepts. Both routines can be used with all concepts in all content areas.

Audience:  Teachers grades 6-12

Event Presenter(s):

Mary Black

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October 25, 2018
9:00am - 4:00pm


ESC Region 13

5701 Springdale Road

Austin, TX 78723




Mary Black
512 919 5438

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