KU Center for Research on Learning

KU Center for Research on Learning

8 Divisions

Advanced Learning Technologies (ALTEC)

Director: Marilyn Ault

The ALTEC mission is to design, develop, and evaluate the effective use of educational technologies in K-12 instruction and to use evolving telecommunication technologies to connect and engage learners. ALTEC resources, consisting of educational games, web-based instructional resources, scaleable online assessment, and assistance for those with special needs, are accessed more than a million times a month. Our professional development providers address the challenges of implementing technologies in the classroom through on-site professional development, instructional coaching, and program support.

Division of Adult Studies (DAS)

Director: Daryl Mellard

The vision of the Division of Adult Studies is a world that values and respects people by fostering equal and continuing opportunities for all to fully participate in society. To contribute to that vision, DAS conducts research, evaluates programs and projects, disseminates findings, and provides assistance to individuals or organizations that seek to improve services for people with disabilities or disadvantages. Through its work, DAS cultivates improved policies, systems, and practices.

E-Learning Design Lab

(a joint effort with KU’s Information and Telecommunication Technology Center)
Co-directors: Ed Meyen and James Miller

The mission of the eLearning Design Laboratory is to explore new uses of technology to enhance learning environments that meet the educational and training needs of society. This involves the study, development, and research of new designs, principles, practices, tools, and policies that contribute to the pedagogy of e-learning.

Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies

Director: Jean Hall

The Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies conducts research on health and disability policy issues with the goal of improving access to and quality of care for all people, particularly those with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Institute for Research on Adolescent Learning

Director: Mike Hock

The Institute for Research on Adolescent Learning develops and researches instructional practices, strategies, and programs that significantly enhance the achievement of adolescents who struggle with learning.

Kansas Coaching Project

Director: Jim Knight

The Kansas Coaching Project conducts research on instructional coaching, on-site professional development intended to teach educators how to use proven instructional methods. The project offers several opportunities throughout the year to learn more about coaching, including an annual fall conference featuring some of the nation’s experts in instructional coaching.

Professional Development Research Institute

Director: Patricia Graner

The Professional Development Research Institute seeks new ways to deliver quality learning opportunities, conceptualize models of professional development, and provide support to teachers and other school personnel. The ultimate goal of our research and development activities in this area is improved student achievement through effective teaching practices.

Transition Coalition

Director: Mary Morningstar

The Transition Coalition develops and offers online and in-person information, resources, and professional development on topics related to the transition from school to adult life for youth with disabilities.